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17 February 2011 @ 11:27 pm
Hey guys? I'm gonna try this commission thing again. However, right now, I'm just gonna do pokemon commissions. That's all that's been on my brain for months and I'm itching to draw some pokeymanz. Prices and SpecificationsCollapse )
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18 September 2010 @ 01:49 pm
Ok. I have my teams planned out already for both Black and White.

It was rather hard to choose, cause I do really like a good amount of these pokémon.

But, here's my teams. I don't have names picked out for them all, though. I will eventually.


 CRAP. Gonna have to switch the birds. Wargle is found in Black. The Vulturemon is found in White. Yay, version exclusives. B/
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DUDE. That Pokémon archeologist/paleontologist/mythologist character I'm working on, I have SO many ideas flowing through my head for some Egyptian art from the Poké World. She finds some canopic jars that, instead of having a baboon, a jackal, and a falcon on the jars tops, they have a Lucario, an Ambipom/Infernape/Primape (can't decide which), and a Pidgeot as the jar tops.

Also, I have this image of her finding a wall mural of Arceus with the solar disc on it's head or near it. And maybe having the god Atem as the human form of Arceus, with it's color scheme in his dress. Same goes for Osiris, who I see as a personification of Giratina (who i see as kind of the lord of the dead, at least back then anyway) and Lucario as a helper to Anubis.

Lugia, along with the Lat@s, I see more in Greek myth art, especially in regards to Atlantis. The Lat@s being the protectors of Atlantis (which may or may not be the original Alto Mare) and for some reason, Atlantis angered the sea god so badly (maybe harking back to that whole thing of being too power hungry?) that, despite their powers, the Lat@s weren't able to save it from sinking into the sea. And thus, they left and found an island nation similar to Atlantis (the later modern day Alto Mare), but warned the people against seeking too much power, unless they want to end up like Atlantis. And thus, that legend later fuses with the legend in the movie.

Oh oh, as to the birds. They are a trio of demi-gods who got a bit power hungry with each other and in trying to out do the others, they ended up causing the mythical flood from the bible story before Lugia could come to calm them. Thus, Arceus got mad at him (in actuality, Arceus stirred up the gods since there was so much trouble brewing in both the pokémon and human worlds, there needed to be a clean slate and Lugia tried to stop it) and took some of his power so that he'd need help from a Chosen One to calm them later on in life.

The Ho-Oh legend pretty much stays the same, but I kind of see it as a legend that keeps continuing. Maybe Ho-Oh, for reason or another, angered Arceus in the past and thus, he has to be reborn over few hundred years and in the process, he kills and later revives the three beasts? Kind of a punishment similar to Atlas having to carry the world on his back...?

The Hoenn legendaries are the biblical Leviathan and such, thus they have their legends rooted in Judaism and Christianity. I'd have to read up on those to fit them how I want. Though, since (if you go by the disney version as i dunno how accurate that is to the atlantis legend)maybe Kyorge is the thing that guards where the real Atlantis is hiding?

And Mew is basically the Adam and Eve/First Man/Woman from most myths, being the ancestor of all pokémon and all. So when the flood hit in the Birds myth, Mew (with at least one other mew, since there seems to be multiple mews in the movies) basically had to repopulate the earth of pokémon and the 6 humans chosen had to repopulate the earth of humans.

As to how Celebi. Jirachi, and the pixies fit, I haven't thought that far yet. Though I do kind of see Celebi as a fragment of Dialga, since they both deal in time, and Celebi is the part of Dialga that is allowed to survey the mortal realm.

Lol. I know these don't necessarily follow the myths from the games, but what's to say different people's around the world follow the same myth (our world doesn't)? In some regions, Kyogre is the sea god. in other regions, that's Lugia. Or both. Or one is the god and the other is the guardian (though i kind of see them as synonymous and if both can affect the sea as they do, that makes them both sea gods/guardians. it's all on how everyone sees them. like some see mew as the creator god and arceus isn't and vice versa).

OK, I think I'm over thinking some of this WAAAAAAY too much. XD And that's not all the legendaries either....HMMMM. And I got a bit off topic from just musing on what to draw to thinking up how to fit the legendaries into some of our own religions and myths from times past. oops. ^^;
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07 January 2010 @ 02:03 pm
Dude....I had the weirdest dreams last night/this morning. I WISH I could REMEMBER them. The only thing I remember, though, is that Sylar was VERY prominent in them. I'm not sure if he was chasing me or what. I don't think he was though, oddly enough. I think he had more Gabriel shining through and we were working on something together, but I don't remember what. It had something to with abilities.

GAH. I wish I could REMEMBER. D:
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03 January 2010 @ 01:11 pm
Ok......I hate it when there's an awesometastic icon post with a bunch of fandoms I like and when I get to the bottom......there's Twilight/New Moon shit. Whether it's icons of screen caps or the cast, it's STILL Twilight. *SIGH*

I just find it funny that....people who like AVATAR, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Bones, Heroes, The Dark Knight, comics and stuff that are actually GOOD....people who seem to have a good brain in their heads and good damn sense.....like Twilight. HOW does that make ANY SENSE? I would THINK that people who have a good sense would be able to CLEARLY SEE....that the whole Twilight series is a bunch of shit ass GARBAGE. B/

Sorry for the irrational rant, but SERIOUSLY. *SIGH*
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21 November 2009 @ 02:48 pm
Ok, hey guys, here's another sketch dump post. And I think I'll just keep posting it here at my journal, so I don't have to keep rewriting journal entries. ^^;


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02 November 2009 @ 10:55 pm
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01 November 2009 @ 12:21 pm
HAPPY HALLOWEEN GUYS. :D I bring fanart with LOTS of evilness to it. >:3

Artist Name: otakugal15
Rating: G to R (for gore and one badly drawn smut pic)
Warnings: rape, gore, genderswap, pure insanity :P
Disclaimer: I own a phaser, tricorder, and communicator...and a home made Sciences uniform. That is all.

~Boys and girls of every age, would you like to see something strange?~Collapse )

This post will be locked later, btw. With how LJ can be at times, I don't wanna risk getting into any kind of trouble. :/

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14 April 2008 @ 01:35 pm
Oh god. I SERIOUSLY need to stop watching the 90s intros for Disney cartoons, Nickelodeon cartoons/shows, fox cartoons/shows, and the old Toonami...it makes me CRY with how horrible most cartoons are nowadays and all the horrible dubbing. Granted, the Tenchi Muyo dub bugs me a bit, but not that much. And Gundam Wing...I'll NEVER watch it in Japanese....NEVER. Sailor Moon....at the beginning. Yes, after the voice change for Sailor Moon...no. But DAMN. I MISS Toonami and the Midnight Run and Nick Toons and the OLDER Power Rangers, etc, etc, etc. *head desk*

Although Avatar is cool, I WILL say thet...but I miss Doug, Rugrats, Rocko's Modern Life, Beetlejuice, AH! Real Monsters, Angry Beavers, Tiny Toons, etc on Nick. I miss Duck Tales, Dark Wing Duck, Gargoyles, Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers, Tail (Tale?) Spin, Goof Troop, etc, on Disney. I miss the original Power Rangers, the old Goosebumps, X-Men, etc, on Fox. And Toonami. Nuff said....I MISS GUNDAM WING AND THEIR SATURDAY NIGHT MOVIES AND CARTOON CARTOON FRIDAYS AND MIDNIGHT RUN!!!!!!

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01 April 2008 @ 08:54 pm
Hey guys, Dragon Con down in Atlanta sounds like a lot of fun, but I will say one thing. It's prices are more expensive than MidSouth Con or MTAC. At the door for the full weekend AND Monday, it's $90. Before that time it's cheapest is $65 for the full four days. Oo;; And another bad thing about this con...it's usually at the end of August-beginning of September....right when school starts. That SUCKS. Cause it looks like an awesome convention and is four days instead of the usuall three. Who knows, maybe if we can arrange it one year, maybe we can go down to that one and see what it's like.